Photoshop CS3 in easy steps


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By Robert Shufflebotham

Publication: July 27, 2007
Pages: 240
ISBN: 978-1-84078-343-8

About the book

With such a rich, powerful and varied set of tools and commands in Photoshop CS3, where do you begin? Facing such a steep learning curve, many users achieve only the first few levels of proficiency. Photoshop CS3 in easy steps is designed to activate the full potential in the extensive Photoshop feature set. It achieves this by breaking down the application into a logical sequence of learning events. The book begins with a detailed tutorial on essential concepts and terms, introducing you to the Photoshop screen environment and its vocabulary. Then with easy step-by-step instructions and fact-filled sidebars, the primer walks you through the fundamental aspects of this image-editing application.

Photoshop CS3 in easy steps, completely revised, builds on its established reputation to guide you through the essentials of image file formats; making and refining selections; painting and editing; working with layers, paths and the pen tool, channels and masks; and color correction techniques. It doesn’t stop there. As well as introducing new and enhanced features such as the Black & White command, Smart Filters, the Quick Selection tool, the Refine Edge command, and the Auto Align and Blend Layer controls, the book’s final chapters cover applications in the ever-growing field of web and multimedia images. These chapters teach even relative novices the ABCs of slicing, image optimization and animations.

Adobe Photoshop CS3 sets the standard for professional image-editing. Photoshop CS3 in easy steps, with its clear instructions and plentiful screenshots, brings the full potential of this exciting creative tool to your fingertips.


About the author

Robert Shufflebotham is a software training consultant with over 21 years experience of delivering software training. He trains on a regular basis for some of the largest and most prestigious magazine, book and newspaper publishers in the world. He also has a MA in Electronic Media.



  1. Basic Theory
  2. The Working Environment
  3. Open and Save Files
  4. Image and Color Basics
  5. The Painting Tools
  6. The Editing Tools
  7. Selections
  8. Layers
  9. Working with Type
  10. Paths
  11. Channels and Masks
  12. Color Adjustments
  13. Filters
  14. Web and Multimedia
  15. Animations and Slices


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