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Photoshop Elements 14 Tips, Tricks & Shortcuts in easy steps


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Over 1000 tips, tricks and shortcuts to help you get the most out of Adobe’s Photoshop Elements 14 and feel like an expert!

Covers versions for both PC and Mac users




Pages: 192
Publication: February 2016

PDF version also available


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About the book

Photoshop Elements is well established as the premier consumer photo-editing software and the latest release is Photoshop Elements 14. This enhances the software’s reputation as a powerful and easy-to-use option for photo-editing, with a range of features for editing and creating photo effects and also a powerful Organizer for managing your photos.

Photoshop Elements 14 Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts in easy steps not only offers a comprehensive guide to getting up and running with the software, but goes further: providing a wealth of detail in ways to progress to more advanced photo-editing and also find some of the hidden secrets of the software.

Although the book looks at some of the ways you can expand your photo-editing exploits, it does not forget new users or anyone who wants to brush up on the basics, including:

  • Navigating around Elements: including using the Expert Edit mode, the Expert Toolbox, Panels, Menu Bar, Preferences and the Organizer workspace.
  • Organizing images: downloading images, viewing and organizing them using the People, Places and Events views and using albums and folders.
  • Standard image editing techniques: color enhancements, cropping, cloning, using the healing brush, rotating, transforming, magnification and using the eraser tools.
  • Using “Quick Wins” for removing unwanted objects, removing red-eye, changing photos to black and white, enhancing images and Photomerge options.
  • Using “Guided Edits” to create special effects such as Zoom Burst and Depth of Field
  • Using Text and Drawing tools, to add, format, edit and customize text.
  • Sharing your photos in a range of formats and styles, such as photo books or cards.
  • Printing your images in a variety of formats.

The book also covers some more advanced areas, including:

  • Making selections and how to then make of the most of them.
  • A comprehensive look at Layers and how these can be used to build up stunning multi-faceted images.
  • Handling RAW images so that you can fine-tune photos in this high-quality file format before you start editing them.
  • Unravelling the mysteries of image sizing so that you can create images at the correct size for printing or emailing to family and friends.
  • Understanding advanced editing options, including levels, curves and the histogram.
  • Adding and working with metadata so that you can effectively search for photos.
  • Using Filters to create your own customized special effects.

Photoshop Elements 14 Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts in easy steps covers versions for both PC and Mac users and has something for everyone: an in depth introduction for new users, and a range of options for those who want to take their photo-editing to the next level. Throughout, there are hundreds of tips and handy hints so that you will feel like an Elements expert in no time.


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About the author

Nick Vandome is an IT writer and trainer who specialises in digital imaging and web authoring subjects. In addition to his writing, he also works designing websites and runs training courses. Before he started working with computers he wrote books about working and travelling abroad.


ISBN: 978-1-84078-716-0


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