Photoshop Projects in easy steps


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By John Slater

Publication: July 12, 2004
Pages: 240
ISBN: 978-1-84078-276-9

About the book

This is a book that shows you how to be creative with Photoshop (all versions). It is not a manual that tells you what the program does, but a series of techniques and projects that show how the program can be used. Follow each chapter to progressively increase your skill level and develop both understanding and creativity. All images used in this book are available for download in both Mac and PC formats.

The first chapter provides a quick introduction to the workspace, palettes and basic tools. Following projects include:

    • Basic Layer techniques
    • Scan large originals in sections and seamlessly join them (Canvas size & Paint Tools)
    • Color and Paint line drawings (Paint Tools and Filters)
    • Basic Image correction techniques and master tonal and color changes (Levels, Burn and Dodge)
    • Perspective control (Layer transformations)
    • Retouching Projects (Clone Stamp, Healing Brush, Gaussian Blur and much more)
    • Change and Replace backgrounds and move multiple images into a single file (Extract, Pen and Eraser Tools)
    • Simulate drape on line drawings (Quick Mask and Paste-into command)
    • Stitch images into a Panorama and add new skies for dull landscapes (Layer masking techniques)
    • Create a brochure with multiple images (Paths and more about Layer masks)
    • Create something from nothing with the Type, Shape and Gradient Tools
    • Keep a visual record of your images with contact sheets
    • Make a web photo gallery and get rid of the boring jobs (Automate and Actions)
    • Create strong graphics and transform photographs into perfect illustrations (Posterize, color selection techniques and History Brush)
    • Become a picture framer (selection techniques, Layer styles and Filters)
    • Create patterns and incorporate these into line drawings (Layer techniques / Paste Into)
    • Add realistic reflections and shadows (blending modes)
    • Annotate photographs, Send images by email (Image size and file formats)
    • Turn color into monochrome or monotone (Colorize)
    • Get a little more technical with an introduction into Color management.


About the author

John Slater is a freelance commercial photographer and lecturer. For many years he was Technical Manager at Nikon Cameras and taught at the Nikon School of Photography. He now lectures in Photoshop at the London College of Fashion and teaches Photography and Digital Imaging to photographers at the City Literary Institute in London. John’s images are available through the Corbis Picture Agency. In 2001 he drove overland to China – and back! He has a postgraduate teaching qualification and is a mentor for The Prince’s Trust, helping young people establish photographic businesses in East London.



  1. Quick Start
  2. Projects with Layers – Basics & Fun
  3. Color Line Drawings – Paint & Fills
  4. Image Correction – Basic & Creative
  5. Perspective
  6. Dolly the Sheep – Retouching projects
  7. Backgrounds – Removal & Replacement
  8. Drape
  9. Panoramas & Skies
  10. Brochure Project
  11. Type, Shapes & Gradients
  12. Automate, Actions & Batch
  13. Cheat at Illustration
  14. Picture Framer
  15. Five Minute Wonders
  16. Understanding Color Management

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