Successful Selling in easy steps


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Learn how you can improve your productivity, effectiveness and success so that you can really enjoy your Sales career

192 pages
By: Gary Collins
Publication Date: January 28, 2012
ISBN: 9781840784244

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Successful Selling in easy steps is written both for the individual, self-employed sales rep as well as for use by large corporations as a great sales ‘tool’ for their staff. The author, Gary Collins, has been in sales management for global blue-chip companies for over 24 years and has amassed some inspirational knowledge that he passes on to you here.

Successful Selling in easy steps takes away the mystery of why some people are better in their Sales roles than others. Among the key skills you will learn, you will find out:

  • how to “prospect” effectively
  • what questions to ask
  • how to handle objections confidently
  • how to get the order without being pushy
  • how to negotiate to ensure a worthy result

Packed with great tips and advice on selling, this book will help you to:

• have a positive and competitive attitude to ensure that you achieve all of the goals that you set yourself or are set for you
• develop outstanding communications skills
• learn how to gain valuable information with great questioning techniques
• plan your time, customers and sales calls to optimise your efficiency and effectiveness
• close your sales presentations early to maximize your productivity
• negotiate the best deal to ensure a long lasting and mutually rewarding business relationship

About the author

Gary Collins has been in sales management for global blue-chip companies for over several years. He’s been involved in selling successfully as well as training his staff. Gary Collins lives in England, United Kingdom.

  1. Getting started
  2. Planning
  3. Prospecting
  4. Building Relationships
  5. Information Gathering
  6. Building a Winning Proposition
  7. Tender Documents
  8. Closing the Deal
  9. Handling Objections
  10. Negotiation
  11. Key Account Management
  12. Exhibitions
  13. After Sales Service
  14. Resources

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