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Create your own iPhone and iPad appsusing Swift 5 – the easy-to-learn programming language developed by Apple

192 pages
By: Darryl Bartlett
Publication Date: May 8th, 2019
ISBN: 9781840787771

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Swift is very easy to learn and it’s more readable than most programming languages. It allows you to build applications for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV and Mac. Swift Programming in easy steps teaches you how to build iOS apps for iPhone and iPad from scratch using Swift 5. You don’t need any prior programming knowledge at all, and the book will walk you through the process of UI design, coding, all the way to publishing your apps to the App Store.


  • Xcode: the free software to write apps in Swift.
  • Swift Playgrounds: the experimenting environment that lets you write code and see results instantly.
  • Firebase: Google’s mobile platform that lets you add functionality to your app.
  • SpriteKit: that gives you everything you’ll need to build 2D games.
  • ARKit: that allows you to create Augmented Reality experiences for your app users.

For anyone seeking to discover the easiest way to create apps for Apple devices.

Covers iOS 12 and Swift 5







About the author

Darryl Bartlett has a wide experience in the world of web design and development especially using the WordPress platform. He first got into Web Development during his studies at West Suffolk College building basic websites using HTML. He has since gone on to build his skill set and worked with top companies like Fellowship Productions, Printing.com and Jagex. He also builds websites for local businesses on a freelance basis, and works on apps for various platforms.

  1. Introduction to iOS Development
  2. Swift Playgrounds
  3. User Interaction
  4. Camera & Photo Library
  5. Location & Table Views
  6. Firebase: Login & Database
  7. Game Development
  8. Advanced Swift
  9. Submitting your Apps

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  • Correction re: the inside front cover, and page 18: the correct shortcut for Paste is Cmd + V
  • Update to page 51

Reviews from Amazon readers:

5 stars Critical reading for any new iOS developer
This is an excellent book, with good pacing and well planned and thoroughly explained exercises.
Darryl the author is excellent, and is very engaging on social media and is happy to help and answer questions.
I can’t recommend this book enough 🙂

5 stars Exactly what I was looking for!
I was really interested in learning Swift, I have tried various books in the past and I couldn’t seem to grasp it.. but this book made it really easy to understand step by step. I would recommend to anyone in the same position as I am!

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