Upgrading and Fixing a PC in easy steps, 3rd Edition


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Takes you through upgrading your computer in simple stages. Identify, locate, and install the relevant parts to make your computer faster, more versatile, and more powerful

192 pages
By: Stuart Yarnold
Publication Date: July 12, 2011
ISBN: 9781840784305

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Many people unnecessarily spend money buying a new computer when their current PC can be upgraded to meet their requirements. This title takes the reader through this process in simple stages.

Many of us would spend more time fixing a ten-dollar pen than repairing or upgrading a thousand dollar computer. Ā Delving inside a PC seems so forbidding that many people would rather avoid it at any cost, even though replacing computer parts is so easy that, with the proper guidance, even technophobes can do it. Ā Upgrading & Fixing a PC in easy stepsĀ provides all the information one needs to do just that. A must for all PC users.

Upgrading & Fixing a PC in easy stepsĀ enables you to keep your PC at the cutting-edge by explaining how to replace components or add new ones. Its simple, illustrated instructions and nifty sidebars teach you to identify, locate, and install the relevant parts to make your computer faster, more versatile, and more powerful.

But this book isn’t just a handy how-to manual; it’s a consumer guide. In truly easy steps, it teaches you to evaluate the performance, storage, and networking needs of your PC yourself. Upgrading & Fixing a PC in easy stepsĀ even provides you with a money-saving tutorial on your various buying options and a separate chapter on troubleshooting nasty problems.

When one considers the high price and inconvenience of computer store visits, it’s no wonder that we think of this both a learning tool and an investment.


About the author

Stuart Yarnold is an electronics engineer who has been working in the industry since leaving college. Originally a marine radio & radar troubleshooter, he now devotes much of his time to playing poker professionally and can usually be found lurking in one of the online poker rooms.

Stuart lives near Cambridge with his wife Pauline and his two Staffordshire bull terriers – Jim and George. His hobbies include woodworking and marathon running.

  1. Before You Start
  2. Discovering Your PC
  3. A Faster PC
  4. A More Versatile PC
  5. Store More On Your PC
  6. Removable Media Options
  7. See and Hear More With Your PC
  8. A Reliable PC
  9. Improve Your Input Options
  10. Data Output Options
  11. Better Network Connections
  12. Fixing Your PC

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