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Guides you through the process of creating a website: planning, search engine promotion, web page layout, navigation, how to use HTML, CSS and JavaScript, social media basics, and Ecommerce so you can open an online shop!

By: Sean McManus
Publication Date: February 5th, 2014

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There are literally millions of websites on the Internet, but most are ugly and ineffective. So how do you create a site that looks good and makes money?

Web Design in easy steps, now in its sixth edition, reveals the key principles of good web design. It guides you through the process of creating a website, from planning to search engine promotion. Learn:

  • The fundamentals of professional web page layout and create content that’ll get your message across.
  • All about effective navigation to make your website easy to use so your visitors stay longer.
  • The techniques to make your website attractive for all and ensure it works on different devices.
  • How to use HTML, CSS and JavaScript and get started with your new website.
  • Ecommerce and social media basics to open your online shop, and start marketing it!

Avoid creating another ineffective website on the net. Use Web Design in easy steps to create a successful site that looks good and achieves its purpose.


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About the author

Sean McManus has been writing about business and technology for over ten years. He has written for magazines including Making Music, Melody Maker, Internet Magazine, Personal Computer World, Internet Works, Marketing Week, Start & Run Your Business, and Business 2.0. His books include Scratch Programming in easy steps and Cool Scratch Projects in easy steps.

  1. The web design challenge
  2. Planning your website
  3. Creating effective website content
  4. Layout and design
  5. Designing effective navigation
  6. HTML: The language of the web
  7. CSS: Giving your pages some style
  8. JavaScript for interactive pages
  9. Audio, video and Flash
  10. Tools for website design
  11. Adding a shopping cart
  12. Adding a social dimension
  13. Content management systems
  14. Testing and launching
  15. Promoting your website
  16. Measuring success

Please note: in Step 1 on page 120, the reference to page 103 should refer to page 101.

I’m currently using WYSIWYG web site builder program. I have been searching for a long time on Amazon. I could not find a book which explained web design in a step by step and easy to understand until I found “Web Design in Easy steps by Sean McManus, 6th edition”. Other books are full of difficult technical jargon and not easy to understand. It is a great book to consider when you want to learn web design. The only subject I liked to be covered more is the responsive web design which is becoming the most demanded but unfortunately this book does not have enough details.”


“Brilliant book covering all the required steps to successfully plan, design, build and measure the success of a website.I work as an account manager for a digital agency and this book provided a great step by step guide on everything from the planning of a site (target audience, goals, purpose, devices) to optimising design, the benefits of using different coding languages and then on to how to measure and track the effectiveness of your site. Would suit an absolute beginner and allow them to build a site from scratch – but also works as a great aid to anyone working on websites and the best practices that could be used to optimise a site. Actually read mine whilst taking a few notes of hints to implement once back in the office. Will certainly pass it around the office!” (from Amazon.co.uk)


“The book is incredibly easy to read and follow. As a beginner about the subject I thought this book covered all the topics I wanted to discover and learn more about. From SEO to CMS or even CSS, HTML, testing etc etc, thanks to this book you will not waste your time gathering the information bits by bits from different sources. All you need is clearly categorised in chapters. It’s a ‘must-have’ book, whether you’re new at web design or not. Invaluable information regarding website navigation and effective design. HTML and CSS are covered in a way that it is easy for anyone to really understand and put it into practice! It is a great tool as well to tweak a wordpress theme for example if you use WordPress as a CMS. If you dont know what a CMS is then buy the book because it is also explained in it ! I find the book quite exhaustive and it comprises all you ever need to know for your first or even second website! This is a clearly-written guide to Web Design. Beautifully presented book with great layout, text and illustrations. The reminders, tips and warnings are very useful! I recommend it to anyone interested in Web Design!” (from Amazon.co.uk)