Save Money with Kobo!


Did you know, Kobo offers a price match on eBooks?

hot tipIf you buy an eBook from Kobo and find the same title (with the same ISBN) from another online retailer, you can get Kobo to credit you the difference, with 10% added of the original purchase price! Many, if not most customers are unaware of this deal, but it’s well worth checking out if you are an avid eBook user!

Simply file a claim within 7 days of purchase, and if the details match and are available in the same country – i.e you cannot buy something from the UK store and claim because the US site is cheaper – then you can qualify for Kobo’s Price Match Guarantee!

This offer applies to customers in the US, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK.
To access it:Kobo

  1. Go to, locate the specified title and click through to the individual title page
  2. Click Price Match Guarantee (this link is available on all individual eBook title pages)
  3. From the Price Match Guarantee page, click Start Your Request
  4. Fill in your details on the Request Form, including your receipt number (found in the email received from Kobo after the original purchase
  5. Enter the URL and the price of the lower price title under Competitor Information
  6. Click Submit

And that’s it! Kobo will then verify the lower priced title and reply within 3 working days. If your request is valid, your Kobo account will be credited the amount equal to the price difference, with an added 10% of your original purchase price. A great tip to help you save the pennies, and possibly the pounds (or cents and dollars depending on your location), after the festive season!

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