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August 27, 2021

Shortcuts in Windows 10 will help to speed up your work

As you become more confident using Windows 10 you may want to access certain items more quickly. There are a range of keyboard shortcuts that can be used to access some of the items you use most frequently.

The majority of the shortcuts are accessed together with the WinKey (Windows key) on the keyboard.

To use the keyboard shortcuts press:

  • WinKey to access the Start menu at any time.
  • WinKey + L to lock the computer and display the Lock screen.
  • WinKey + I to access the Settings app.
  • WinKey + K to connect new devices.
  • WinKey + Q to access the Search window.
  • WinKey + D to access the Desktop.
  • WinKey + M to access the Desktop with the active window minimized.
  • WinKey + E to access File Explorer, displaying the Quick access section.
  • WinKey + T to display the thumbnails on the Desktop Taskbar.
  • WinKey + U to access the Ease of Access options in the Settings app.
  • WinKey + X to access the Power User menu, which gives you quick access to items including the Desktop and File Explorer.
  • Alt + F4 to close a Windows 10 app.
  • Ctrl + Shift + Esc to access the Task Manager.

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