Twitter could be excluding Photos and Links from character limits


Reported by Bloomberg on Monday, Twitter might be set to change the sometimes tedious character limits for Photos and Links, giving users more freedom in what they post. This development would mean that Photos and Links would not be included in the limit, a welcomed, but somewhat unexpected move given the recent rumours of the sites plans for the future.

Links, which are currently automatically shortened by Twitter to 23 characters, can often take away a large chunk of the main message, leaving users struggling to put across the message they wish. With this change, users may finally be on the right track to the longer, less restricted tweets they desire. The social media giants have previously stated their plan to increase flexibility, and this development could be seen in less than two weeks, the Bloomberg source claims.

There has been much deliberation over raising the character limits for tweets recently – by up to as much as 10,000 characters – and Chief Executive Officer Jack Dorsey’s ongoing plan will see the platform become more engaging, with new ways to display text. This possible move could increase the amount and types of media Twitter users post, encouraging more interaction overall. This would also mean users could use full words, rather than editing messages into ‘text-speak’ just to fit within the limit. But although development on any social media platform is key, many long term users championed the 140-character limit, as a defining and unique feature of the site.

The beauty of Twitter is it’s short, punchy tweets that get right to the point of any topic, but the option to include more content would definitely be welcomed by many fans, including us!