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March 9, 2017

Visual Studio 2017 Release

Visual Studio, Microsoft’s popular developer tool for building apps, has just been released in the 2017 Professional version!

Visual Studio 2017
The latest release includes:

Productivity features – IntelliSense, Code Lens which shows code references, changes or modifications helping you stay focused, improved debugging tools, code navigation, refactoring and code hints

Mobile development – Develop in C# and build apps for iOS and Android devices. Customisation and native user experiences with Xamarin, sharing logic and code across platforms. Use ‘existing web skills and build browser-based and hybrid apps that support unique device features with Apache Cordova’ (Microsoft, Visual Studio 2017)

Streamline with cloud capability – Easily create Microsoft Azure powered cloud-first applications with a built in suite of Azure tools, and directly from Visual Studio, configure, build, debug, package and deploy applications and services without having to leave the Integrated development environment (IDE)

Fundamentals – A faster IDE from startup to shut down, improve productivity and efficiency by spending less time on repetitive tasks, clearing the way to build great apps! Installation is lightweight and modular, tailored to your needs. Focus on the code with new processes including viewing, editing and debugging, without projects and solutions

Available to buy and download now! Find out more at Microsoft’s Visual Studio page

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