On the keyboard there is also a voice typing option, which enables you to enter text by speaking into a microphone, rather than typing on the keyboard. This is On by default.

Using voice typing

Voice typing can be used with any app with a text input function. To do this:


Step 1
Tap once on this button on the keyboard to activate the voice typing microphone. Speak into the microphone to record text



The first time that you tap on the Microphone button you may be prompted to select the Enable Dictation button too.



Step 2
As the voice typing function is processing the recording, this screen appears


Step 3
Tap once on the Done button to finish recording

Step 4
Once the recording has been processed, the text appears in the app





Voice typing is not an exact science and you may find that some strange examples appear. The best results are created if you speak as clearly as possible and reasonably slowly.




There are other voice typing apps available from the App Store. Two to try are Dragon Dictation and Voice Dictation.



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