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In Easy Steps guides are written in a clear and concise style to enable you to learn with minimal time and effort. Rather than spending hours trawling the internet for information, use these reliable guides to learn effectively. Then, get on with your real work or start enjoying the new technology straightaway.

Topics covered include business and professional skills; computing; coding; and digital lifestyle. Already used by millions worldwide for self-learning as well as for classroom-based training. A great investment!

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Grasp the essentials in programming languages and web development – in easy steps! Whether you’re a complete beginner, need to brush up on a key programming languages, or want to add more skills to your portfolio, we’ve got the book for you.

For children and young adults to learn coding and programming – and have fun while learning! Even young children can learn to code, starting with an easy block-based language like Scratch, and then they can move on to learn other programming languages – in easy steps!

Professional Skills

Enhance your business skillset to be more efficient and productive at work. In Easy Steps business books will help you develop your skills portfolio, whether you need to learn accounting, design and graphics, management, marketing, presentations, or selling.

Keep up-to-date with the modern lifestyle – phones, tablets, PCs, Macs, and operating systems. Get started quickly and master the basics, then explore all the features to make the most of your device. Written with the Senior reader in mind and presented in larger type for easier reading.

From city guidebooks and digital photography to electronics… let our books help you make the most of your leisure time. Our City Guidebook series will guide you around a new city using your smartphone to get to locations and take the best photos. Or if you want to get to grips with electronics, digital photography, or even the ukulele, look no further!

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What our Happy Learners say

Reader review from on Windows 10 in easy steps

5 Stars – An excellent book with all the basics to get started on Windows 10. […] This is perfect for somebody who wants [Windows 10] now or is thinking of installing or buying the new OS

In Easy Steps Reader

Bought Cool Scratch Projects in easy steps for my daughter, once she started following one of the included programs she was hooked and made a great game she is very proud of.

In Easy Steps Reader

GO programming in easy steps does a good job covering the basics using easy to follow examples to code out. I have some other books by this author and he really does a good job with the foundational topics. I read the ebook and coded out the examples in about 3 or 4 days.

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About In Easy Steps

The UK’s leading computer and professional “how-to” books publisher.

In the home and in the workplace, digital devices are a vital and well-established part of our lives. In Easy Steps Limited (formerly Computer Step) has been established since 1991 to provide affordable computer, digital lifestyle and professional books to millions of people worldwide.

Whether you want to browse the internet, learn how to tame Windows, become a digital media guru, master the latest software or improve your professional skills, the In Easy Steps series will have an ideal title for you.


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