Microsoft Office Apps

One of the great advances for productivity on the iPad has been the availability of compatible versions of Microsoft Office apps, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote. For many people, these are the apps of choice for productivity tasks, as they are frequently used in working environments. These apps can now be downloaded from the App Store, and various subscription models are available to access their full functionality.

To start working with Microsoft Office apps:

Step 1
Access the Productivity category of the App Store, as shown on page 34 (iPad at Work in easy steps)

Step 2
Tap on the Office button


Step 3
Tap on one of the apps to view its details

Step 4
Tap on the Get button to download the app
















The free versions of the Office apps can only be used to view documents. For the full functionality you need to take out a subscription that is renewed monthly. See pages 38-39 for details (iPad at Work in easy steps).



When you create a subscription for one of the Office apps, you automatically get access to the others in the suite: the subscription is for Office 365 rather than a specific app.





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