iPhone for Seniors in easy steps – covers iPhone 6 and iOS 8


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By Nick Vandome

Publication date: November 12th, 2014
Pages: 192
ISBN: 978-1-84078-638-5

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About the book

In full-colour and straightforward, jargon-free language, iPhone for Seniors in easy steps gives you all the information you need to get up and running with your new iPhone and quickly feel you are in control of it.

• The iOS 8 operating system is explained so you can find your way around the iPhone screens and access the items you want

• Settings are examined so you can customize your iPhone exactly to your style and requirements

• The Multitasking Window shows how you can manage your open apps; and the Control Center provides quick access to frequently used functions.

iPhone for Seniors in easy steps covers everything you need to know to keep fully connected. With your iPhone in your pocket you are only ever a couple of taps away from friends and family. Learn how to:

• Make and receive phone calls
• Text with the Messages app
• Make video calls with FaceTime
• Set up and use email accounts

The new Family Sharing feature is covered, which enables you to share music, videos, apps, calendars and photos with up to six family members: a great way to stay in the loop with children and grandchildren.

Apps are at the heart of the iPhone and iPhone for Seniors in easy steps gives a comprehensive introduction to using the preinstalled apps. It then shows how to find and download apps from the Apple App Store for:

• Going on vacation
• Online shopping
• Social networking
• Hobbies
• Music and videos
• Books
• Photos
• Keeping up-to-date with everyday tasks, through the use of the Notes, Calendar, Contacts and Reminders apps
• Health and wellbeing, using the new Health app that is designed to collate a range of health and fitness information.

An in-depth chapter on iCloud, Apple’s online storage, sharing and backup service, explains how iCloud works and shows how it can automatically store your data and share your photos so you don’t have to worry about losing information should anything happen to your iPhone.

iPhone for Seniors in easy steps takes the mystery out of using your iPhone and shows how it can become your most useful digital companion, ready to help keep you in touch, up-to-date and entertained.

Covers iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus and iOS 8.

Presented in larger type for easier reading.


About the author

Nick Vandome is an IT writer and trainer who specialises in digital imaging and web authoring subjects. In addition to his writing, he also works designing websites and runs training courses. Before he started working with computers he wrote books about working and travelling abroad.


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