Useful Sage 50 Accounts 2016 keyboard shortcuts, as well as Audit Trail Transaction codes and Sage 50 VAT codes to help you become a pro in no time!



Audit Trail Transaction Codes

BR  =  Bank Receipt
BP  =  Bank Payment
CP  =  Cash Payment
CR  =  Cash Receipt
JD  =  Journal Debit
JC  =  Journal Credit
SI  =  Sales Invoice
SR  =  Sales Receipt
SC  =  Sales Credit Note
SD  =  Discount on Sales Receipt
SA  =  Sales Receipt on Account
PI  =  Purchase Invoice
PP  =  Purchase Payment
PC  =  Purchase Credit Notes
PD  =  Discount on Purchase Payment
PA  =  Purchase Payment on Account
VP  =  Credit Payments
VR  =  Credit Receipts




Sage 50 VAT Codes

T0  =  zero rated transactions
T1  =  standard rate
T2  =  exempt transactions
T4  =  sales to customers in EC*
T7  =  zero rated purchases from suppliers in EC*
T8  =  standard rated purchases from suppliers in EC*
T9  =  transactions not involving VAT**


* These are outside the UK ** These transactions are not included on the VAT Return




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