Creating Price Lists in Sage 50 Accounts 2016

In Sage 50, different price lists can be set up and customers allocated to the price list of your choice. For each Price List, products can be added and different prices set up accordingly. For example, you can create custom lists for Trade, Retail, Summer or Winter Sales and Special Offers.

To create a new Price List do the following:


Step 1
From the Customers toolbar click on the Price Lists button to bring up the Price Lists box

Step 2
Click New to open the New Price List window







Step 3
Enter the Name and Description

Step 4
Click the Add button. Select products for this list, then OK when done

Step 5
In the Customers section click Add to bring up a list






Step 6
Select Customers

Step 7
Click OK

Step 8
Click Save, Close then Close again









Where a selected customer is already on another price list, Sage 50 asks if you want to transfer this customer to the new list. Click Yes to transfer the customer to the new list or Yes to All to transfer all customers already on another list to the new list.




To add more than one customer at a time to your list, simply hold down the Control key and click on your selection during Step 6.




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