Agile Project Management in easy steps, 2nd edition


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An essential guide for anyone new to agile projects and a valuable source of inspiration for the more experienced. Explains the key principles, techniques and processes of agile project management. Includes free downloadable templates to get you started!

216 pages
By: John Carroll & David Morris
Publication Date: July 29th, 2015
ISBN: 9781840786415

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Agile Project Management in easy steps, now in its second edition, explains the key principles, techniques, and processes to ensure your agile project is a success. This edition of the book has been updated to reflect progress and refinement of agile methods over recent times. It explains the key principles, techniques and processes of agile project management, working through an entire project, explaining the main activities and deliverables including:

  • Pre-project start-up and terms of reference
  • Feasibility assessment and the business case
  • Establishing the foundations for success
  • Iterative development and the evolving solution
  • Implementation and post-project assessment

It includes additional coverage of business analysis, user experience, feature-driven development and agile projects in large programmes and enterprises.

An essential guide for anyone new to agile projects and a valuable source of inspiration for the more experienced. It also includes downloadable templates to get you started.


About the authors

John Carroll is a project management consultant with many years’ experience of managing large and small projects, programs and portfolios. Now based in South West England, he has run projects and programs across Europe and the United States. His experience covers most types of organisations including government, higher education, manufacturing industries, pharmaceuticals, software development and the emergency services. He has worked on most types of projects and trained project managers in many different organisations. John is also the author of Effective Project Management in easy steps, Effective Time Management in easy steps and all editions of (MS) Project in easy steps.

David Morris is an agile practitioner, coach, and instructor of team performance, business analysis and project management. With over 30 years’ experience, he has worked in and led teams and run his own business, in Europe and Australasia (he is now based in Auckland, NZ), delivering strategic, business, and technical projects following structured, iterative, and agile methodologies. David is certified as a trainer and coach; organises, chairs, and talks at conferences and events; has contributed to several books (including ‘Agile Project Estimation and Planning’, ‘Agile Extension to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge’, and ‘Business Analysis for Dummies’); and writes for several online publications (including and

  1. Agile Projects
  2. Agile Project Management
  3. Scrum
  4. DSDM
  5. Extreme Programming
  6. Lean Development
  7. Feature-Driven Development
  8. Getting Started
  9. Foundations
  10. Development
  11. Deployment
  12. Post Project
  13. Agile Projects at Scale


I am new to Agile and this book is a great start, it is clear and laid out in a very engaging style. The book is very much focused on what I am learning to be the pure software side of Agile but the techniques described can be applied, with a little thought, to a wider range of projects. Its other strength is its size, in one evening I was able to skim read it then jump back to get the detail I have needed. It has become my go to reference when I am explaining to the management team what Agile is and how it is applied to the projects we are working.” Amazon reviewer

“I took and passed the Agile certification and now recognised as a master practitioner after reading this book.” Amazon reviewer

“Really clear and informative for the beginner to projects. Well laid out and understandable. One of the best authors out there. Highly recommend.” Amazon reviewer

“Helped me pass my Foundation and Practitioner exams.” Amazon reviewer

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