iPad 2 in easy steps


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iPad 2 in easy steps


By Drew Provan

Publication: June 30, 2011
Pages: 240
ISBN: 978-1-84078-438-1



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About the book

The iPad 2 is an easy device to use and the aim of this guide is to help you make the most of your new iPad 2 – for work and for fun. iPad 2 in easy steps shows all the clever things you can do with this revolutionary device. It’ll show you how to use and organise your apps and invest in the best apps available for your needs. iPad 2 in easy steps also covers the new apps included with the device such as Garageband and iMovie.

iPad 2 in easy steps helps you optimise your settings so your new device functions in exactly the way you want. There are many tips and tricks, and even features not widely publicised by Apple, to get more out of your iPad 2 – all explained in the book.

iPad 2 is popular for reading books and news. iPad 2 in easy steps covers purchasing eBooks (from iBooks) and reading them online with the in-built page turning software.

You may want to use your iPad 2 at work for presentations, reading and writing documents, and handling Exchange Server email in the corporate world. This handy guide shows you how to manage documents and keep these in sync with your PC or Mac.

Finally, use this guide alongside your iPad 2, to blow your audience away by creating and projecting outstanding slides to accompany your presentations.

An ideal reference guide to make the most of your iPad 2!


About the author

Drew Provan is currently a senior lecturer at Queen Mary’s School of Medicine and Dentistry. He’s also a keen iPhone user. Drew enjoys writing and editing and has been involved with the production of a number of medical books. He also writes for GP Magazine, and have written pieces for other publications including Financial Times, Tesco Healthy Living, Readers Digest, and patient support group publications.

Drew uses technology extensively at home and at work, for creating music, reading, writing, databases and giving presentations. As an early adopter of the iPad he has almost stopped using his laptop and switched over to the iPad for most of his computing and multimedia needs.



  1. Welcome to iPad 2!
  2. Getting Started
  3. iPad Settings
  4. Browsing the Web
  5. Mail
  6. Photos
  7. Videos
  8. YouTube
  9. Calendar
  10. Contacts
  11. Notes
  12. Maps
  13. iPod
  14. iTunes Store
  15. The App Store
  16. iBooks
  17. The iPad at Work
  18. Accessibility Options


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