Java in easy steps, 3rd ed.


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Java in easy steps, 3rd ed.


By Mike McGrath

Publication: October 19, 2007
Pages: 192
ISBN: 978-1-84078-346-9


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About the book

Java in easy steps instructs you how to easily create your own exciting Java programs. It is updated for the latest release and contains separate chapters on the major features of the Java language. Complete example programs illustrate each important aspect of Java programming – all with easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions.

Java in easy steps begins by explaining how to download and install the free Java Development Kit (JDK) so that you can quickly begin to create your own executable programs by copying the examples. This book assumes no previous knowledge of any programming language so it’s ideal for the newcomer to computer programming. Each chapter builds your knowledge of Java. By the end of this book you will have gained a sound understanding of the Java language and be able to write your own Java programs and compile them into executable files that can be run on any Java-enabled computer.

Java in easy steps has an easy-to-follow style that will appeal to anyone who wants to begin programming in Java, with minimum fuss. It will appeal to the student who needs to learn Java programming, and to the hobbyist who wants to explore the possibilities offered by Java, and to the experienced programmer who wants to quickly add Java to their skills set.


About the author

Mike McGrath now lives in South-east Europe, on the sun-kissed shores of the Aegean Sea. Mike gained his extensive knowledge of computer languages while working as a developer contracting to companies around the world. His interests include coins of ancient Greece, dining-out with friends, and the ongoing evolution of the world wide web.



  1. Getting started
  2. Performing operations
  3. Making statements
  4. Directing values
  5. Manipulating data
  6. Creating classes
  7. Importing functions
  8. Building interfaces
  9. Recognizing events
  10. Deploying programs


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