Public Speaking in easy steps


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Public Speaking in easy steps


By Drew Provan

Publication: March 20, 2009
Pages: 192
ISBN: 978-1-84078-374-2


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About the book

Ever been asked to speak in public? Does the thought of it send your pulse racing and your stomach through the floor?

Public Speaking In Easy Steps guides you through every step of the way – from planning, practice and props through relaxation techniques and tried & tested tips on the day itself.

This straight forward guide will give you the confidence to speak to any audience, at weddings and funerals, impromptu office meetings or an international conference of thousands. With its practical, easy-to-follow system, learn how to conquer your fears and make your speech truly memorable. Who knows, you might even enjoy it…



  1. Why Speak?
  2. Nervous? You Are Not Alone!
  3. Planning Your Speech
  4. Practice Makes Perfect
  5. Props May Help
  6. Getting Ready For the Big Day
  7. Looking the Part
  8. Delivery
  9. Taking Questions
  10. Speaking Occasions
  11. Further Resources


About the author

Drew Provan is currently a senior lecturer at Queen Mary’s School of Medicine and Dentistry. He’s also a keen iPhone user. Drew enjoys writing and editing and has been involved with the production of a number of medical books. He also writes for GP Magazine, and have written pieces for other publications including Financial Times, Tesco Healthy Living, Readers Digest, and patient support group publications.

Drew uses technology extensively at home and at work, for creating music, reading, writing, databases and giving presentations. As an early adopter of the iPad he has almost stopped using his laptop and switched over to the iPad for most of his computing and multimedia needs.

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