Social Networking for Seniors in easy steps

Social Networking for Seniors in easy steps


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Social Networking for Seniors in easy steps


By Anne Sparrowhawk

Publication: December 20, 2010
Pages: 240
ISBN: 978-1-84078-410-7



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About the book

Have you listened to your younger relatives and wonder what they’re talking about when they mention Facebook or Twitter and talk about Skyping someone? Social networking is increasingly referred to in the media with expectations that everyone knows what it’s all about.

This book explores these issues and demystifies the jargon so that you can be in control.

This guide walks you through the process of joining and participating in a number of different networks for a variety of opportunities and purposes. The book explores how to make the most of the facilities the networks offer, to communicate with family and friends, old and new. It also explores how to set up your own community or use the technology to organise events, meetings, or just to keep in touch with what is going on.

Social Networking for Seniors In Easy Steps is for anyone who is intrigued by the opportunities the Internet now brings to share ideas and experiences with people anywhere and wants to know just how to best be involved.


About the author

Anne has run an educational consultancy, Sparrowhawk & Heald, since 1994, and through this work has plenty of first hand experience of the value of computers for learning and for communication. Increasingly projects have moved into the fields of communication, between students and teachers, and using social networking sites. Anne has authored specialist books such as Logo, ICT in the Classroom, and Use ICT to support children with Special Needs. This book draws on experiences she has had in working with adults to use social media for specific projects, and explores in depth the potential that social media can have for seniors specifically.



  1. What is Social Networking?
  2. Purposes of Social Networking
  3. Basic Concepts and Accounts
  4. Facebook and Myspace
  5. Using Skype to Talk
  6. Friends Reunited
  7. Saga Zone
  8. Linkedln, Plaxo and Triplt
  9. Sharing Your Ideas
  10. Using Twitter
  11. Using Meetup
  12. Your Phone and Social Networking


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