Windows 8 in easy steps


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Windows 8 in easy steps


By Nick Vandome
£10.99 paperback

Publication: October 5, 2012
Pages: 240
ISBN: 978-1-84078-538-8

Paperback version now out of print, but the magazine version (162 pages) is still available

ebook version is available

Windows 8.1 in easy steps published October 2013

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About the book

Windows 8 is the most revolutionary version yet of the popular operating system from Microsoft. With a brand new interface, new ways of getting around and accessing items and new possibilities for mobile devices, Windows 8 really does take the computing experience to the next level. But with Windows 8 In Easy Steps you need not worry about being left behind and this book shows you everything you need to know to get up to speed with Windows 8.

The book begins by showing how to get started with Windows 8 and get to grips with the new Windows 8 interface. It deals with the basics (everything you could do from the Start screen in previous versions), accessing items, arranging your screen and using additional controls that are available from the sides of the screen.

A lot of the functionality of Windows 8 is aimed at touch screen devices, whether they are desktop computers, laptops or tablets. This is dealt with in depth, as well as showing how everything can still be done with a traditional mouse and keyboard.

Apps are at the heart of Windows 8 and the new Windows Store has an app for almost everything you could want to do. The book shows how to access and download apps and then how to work with them, and organize them, when you have them.

As well as the new features that are covered, all of the old favorites are looked at in detail, such as working with folders and files, accessing the Internet, using email and messaging, working with photos and video, networking with Windows and system security.

Windows 8 will open your eyes to a new way of computing and Windows 8 In Easy Steps will help you see clearly so that you can quickly feel comfortable and confident with this exciting new operating system.

About the author

Nick Vandome is an IT writer and trainer who specialises in digital imaging and web authoring subjects. In addition to his writing, he also works designing websites and runs training courses. Before he started working with computers he wrote books about working and travelling abroad.


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