Festive fun for Cool Scratch programmers!

 A daily dose of Scratch with the Cool Scratch Projects Advent Calendar!

Are you interested in Scratch Programming, or perhaps want to increase your skill set or Scratch programming experience? Sean McManus, author of Cool Scratch Projects in easy steps, has created a brilliant advent calendar with daily projects in the run up to Christmas!

Available at Sean’s website, each day in December you can find a different Scratch project drawn from his books (including Cool Scratch Projects in easy steps and Scratch Programming in easy steps), magazine articles and personal projects. Access the Calendar to learn something new, improve your Scratch programming knowledge and have a bit of fun!

hot tipIf you miss any of the days previously, you can go back and access them!

Available individually or save money with the set, Scratch Programming in easy steps and Cool Scratch Projects in easy steps are fantastic for anyone wanting to learn the basics of Scratch, and have some fun along the way! They also go hand in hand with other titles such as Python in easy steps, Raspberry Pi 3 in easy steps, and many more in the Programming range.