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March 6, 2024

New release: Lightroom in easy steps

Available NOW from our online shop – £12.99 paperback / £10.99 ebook

Lightroom in easy steps guides you through Adobe Lightroom’s sophisticated range of tools to enable you to create stunning photos. In no time, you’ll master:

  • The desktop, mobile, and web versions of Lightroom, including how to use them individually and together.
  • Navigating around the Lightroom interface.
  • Color-editing and effects-editing tools to improve and enhance your photos.
  • Premium presets and profiles to quickly apply a range of editing functions.
  • Cropping, healing, and masking tools to remove unwanted objects or areas in your photos.
  • Organizing, finding, and sharing photos with your friends and family, or with the Lightroom community.

The perfect companion for anyone wanting to use Adobe Lightroom to give their photos a professional touch!


192 pages
By: Nick Vandome
ISBN: 9781787910089

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