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July 3, 2023

How to give Windows 11 a quick speed boost using ReadyBoost

If Windows were to run out of memory, the system would grind to a halt. To prevent this, it uses a “paging file” on the hard drive as a memory substitute. The problem with this is that hard drives are much slower than memory, so performance is reduced when the paging file is being used.

The solution is to prevent Windows from having to use the paging file, and the way to do this is to install more memory. However, many users don’t know how to install memory – plus, it is expensive.

ReadyBoost provides an easier and cheaper alternative – you just need a USB flash drive with a capacity between 256MB and 4GB.


The minimum amount of flash memory you can use for ReadyBoost is 256MB. The maximum amount is 4GB.


1) Connect the USB drive then right-click its icon in File Explorer and select Properties from the context menu

2) In the Properties dialog, choose the ReadyBoost tab

3) Now, select Dedicate this device to ReadyBoost

4) Click OK to create a ReadyBoost cache file in the USB drive


Windows will now use the USB drive as a cache for the most commonly-paged data. The paging file will still be on the hard drive but will be used much less.


ReadyBoost enables you to increase your system’s performance without having to buy and install more memory. It is also a much cheaper option, as flash drives are half the price of memory of equivalent capacity.


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