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July 5, 2023

How to use System Restore in Windows 11

Windows 11 takes snapshots of the system files before any software updates are applied, or in any event once every seven days. You can also create a snapshot manually. The snapshots are known as Restore Points and are managed by System Restore.


System Restore returns system files to an earlier point in time, allowing you to undo system changes without affecting your documents, email, and other data files.


1) In Settings, access System > About and click on the Advanced system settings link


2) Click on the System Protection tab and click on the Create… button

3) Provide a title for the Restore Point and click Create


4) The required data is written to disk and the manual Restore Point is set up


Using Restore Points

The installation of a new app or driver software may make Windows 11 behave unpredictably or have other unexpected results. Usually, uninstalling the app or rolling back the driver will correct the situation. If this does not fix the problem, use an automatic or manual Restore Point to reset your system to an earlier date when everything worked correctly.

1) Select System Protection and click the System Restore… button 

2) By default, this will offer to undo the most recent change. This may fix the problem

3) Otherwise, click a suitable item to use as the Restore Point

4) Follow the prompts to restart the system using system files from the selected date and time


You can also run System Restore from Safe Mode, the troubleshooting option. Start up the computer and press F8 repeatedly as your computer reboots, to display the boot menu, then select Safe Mode.




If the selected Restore Point does not resolve the problem you can try again, selecting another Restore Point.



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