New ‘First View’ feature on Twitter emerges

In the ever-changing world of Twitter, by the time one interesting feature rolls out to its millions of users around the world, another one is on the horizon. Last week, it was reported that Twitter could be gearing up to alter the placement of tweets, but fret not; there will not be a ‘Facebook-like’ news feed coming to the platform. Cleared up on their blog, the new setting – which you can specify whether you want enabled or not – will show missed tweets which you might have wanted to see, at the top of your timeline when you first log-in. These will be in reverse chronological order, and have the rest of the tweets underneath, also in reverse chronological order. Jack Dorsey, Twitter Chief, stated they want to make Twitter “feel more, not less, live”. Phew!

So the most recent news, which seems to have a slightly stronger backbone, is the appearance of ‘First View’. This new feature changes the advertisement content of your feed, allowing brands to pay more to place marketing campaigns such as video ads, at the top of your timeline. You’ll most likely have experienced a similar type of marketing with Facebook’s Suggested posts, slotted in between your friends’ news and status updates, and First View is just like that. No obligation, but you never know, something might catch your eye!

For businesses, it’s also a good way to specifically target your desired market, without being too pushy or blocking up content that you have specifically subscribed to see.

On their blog, Twitter states First View is ‘an engaging and highly visible way to share your brand story with compelling video creative across Twitter’s massive audience’. It makes sense, you have to admit. Imagine the vast user base of Twitter, accompanied by the placement itself, sitting in the ‘most valuable advertising real estate’. These ads will last for a 24-hour period, so shouldn’t impact too much on your daily twittering. You may not even notice them at all!

This feature will be rolled out gradually to selected partners in the US, and then in the coming months, there are plans to expand globally.