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October 5, 2023

New release: Coding with the micro:bit – Create Cool Programming Projects

Available NOW from our online shop  – £14.99 paperback / £9.99 ebook

Coding with the micro:bit – Create Cool Programming Projects introduces you to the hardware and software features of the micro:bit, including the built-in microphone, speaker, and touch sensor added in the BBC micro:bit version 2. You’ll learn new skills such as how to code your micro:bit to play music, send messages, display pictures, and detect light.

  • Getting started: This section gives you a tour of the micro:bit and gets you started with coding your first program.
  • Basics: Here, you’ll learn to display images and text on the micro:bit’s LED grid.
  • Inputs: This section shows you how to work with the input systems on the micro:bit, like the buttons, the accelerometer, and the light sensor.

Once you’ve mastered these skills, the book guides you through 10 exciting projects, including a temperature sensor, simple interactive games, and even an alarm system!

  1. The 99 game: This first project is a game of chance that involves throwing the micro:bit among a group of people. You’ll learn more about coding, like using variables and control flow techniques.
  2. Heads or tails: In this project, you’ll use the LED grid and accelerometer to create a “coin toss” generator that detects when you flip your micro:bit, and displays heads or tails.
  3. Steady hand game: This game challenges you to hold your micro:bit in your hand as long as you can without wobbling. You’ll also learn more about the micro:bit’s abilities and other fundamental coding techniques.
  4. Temperature display: Here, you’ll use the micro:bit’s built-in temperature sensor to detect the temperature and scroll it across the LED grid.
  5. LED control: In this project, you’ll learn how to wire up an external LED and control it with code. This exercise teaches you about using the micro:bit with other components so you can build even bigger projects.
  6. Trespasser alarm: By connecting a speaker to your micro:bit, you’ll create an alarm system that detects when someone has broken into your room and alerts you by playing a tune.
  7. Fortune teller: This project ramps up the coding complexity, showing you how to program your micro:bit to tell your fortune just like a Magic 8-Ball!
  8. Compass: Here, you’ll turn the micro:bit into a real working compass using its built-in magnetometer.
  9. Radio communication: In this project you’ll use two micro:bits to send and receive radio messages.
  10. Bag alarm: Using your radio skills from the previous project combined with the accelerometer, you’ll build a bag alarm with two micro:bits. The first micro:bit stays inside your bag and alerts a second micro:bit in your pocket if someone tries to steal your bag.


Each project has been designed to work with both versions of the micro:bit.

You’ll find “Try This” sections that suggest other ways for you to try out your new knowledge. These ideas will inspire you to build your own projects with the micro:bit.

So whether you’re a coding newbie, or you think you know it all, grab your micro:bit and let’s get coding!

96 pages (A4)
By: Dan Aldred
ISBN: 9781787910003

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