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Everything you need to get to grips with HTML, CSS and JavaScript – the three coding languages that are used to create modern web pages – all in easy steps!

480 pages
By: Mike McGrath
Publication Date: 6th August 2020
ISBN: 9781840788785

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HTML, CSS & JavaScript in easy steps is a comprehensive guide to each of the three coding languages that are used to create modern web pages: HyperText Markup Language (HTML) tags are used to control the structure of web page content; Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) rules are used to determine how web page content appears; and JavaScript functions are used to provide web page interactivity.

HTML, CSS & JavaScript in easy steps contains examples and screenshots that illustrate each feature of all three coding languages. You’ll learn how to create web pages to display text, images, lists, tables, hyperlinks, forms, audio, and video. Each chapter builds your knowledge so by the end of the book you’ll have gained a sound understanding of HTML markup, CSS rules, and JavaScript functions.

HTML, CSS & JavaScript in easy steps has an easy-to-follow style that will appeal to anyone who wants to create great functional web pages. It will appeal to programmers who want to quickly add web page coding to their skills set, and to the student who is studying website design at school or college, and to those seeking a career in web development.

Free, downloadable source code is available from our website so you can check the code against your own work, and get started straight away!

About the author

Mike McGrath now lives in South-east Europe, on the sun-kissed shores of the Aegean Sea. Mike gained his extensive knowledge of computer languages while working as a developer contracting to companies around the world. His interests include coins of ancient Greece, dining-out with friends, and the ongoing evolution of the world wide web.

  1. Get Started in HTML
  2. Manage Page Content
  3. Insert Hyperlinks
  4. Arrange Page Sections
  5. Write Lists and Tables
  6. Embed Media Content
  7. Create Input Forms
  8. Get Started in CSS
  9. Manage the Box Model
  10. Manipulate Text Styles
  11. Organize Tables and Lists
  12. Generate Effects
  13. Control the Web Page
  14. Design with Grids
  15. Get Started in JavaScript
  16. Perform Useful Operations
  17. Manage the Script Flow
  18. Use Script Objects
  19. Control Numbers and Strings
  20. Address the Window Object
  21. Interact with the Document

Freely download the original source code for checking against your own work from our Downloads page


Revised page:

Page 204: Step 1 – “top=label” should be “top-label”

5-star review by i-programmer (view here):

“There is no doubt that if you want to create web sites you need to know something about HTML, CSS and JavaScript – but how much? HTML is about marking up the different components of a page – body, titles, lists etc. CSS is about how the text will look and JavaScript is what makes a page active. As a programmer I need to know a lot about JavaScript and try to avoid raw HTML and CSS as much as possible – but I do know about both. My attitude towards them is that life is too short to spend time on the fiddly business of layout and formatting and I’d rather use a document editor, preferably within a content management system to do the same job. The only time I really want to come into contact with either HTML or CSS is when I need to tweak the way some auto-generated code works. In short I still need to know the general principles of both.”

Reviews from Amazon readers:

5 stars Absolutely Amazing: Concise, Well-written, Intelligent and Up-to-date
It feels generous to be giving this book a 5-star but considering that there no grammatical errors — you could tell it was painstakingly copy-edited and proof-read. I feel like my Html and css received a major boost.
The author expounded keywords simply by using them in sentences, making the thoughts behind the concept glaring.
This was just a concise yet insightful material I needed. I know Jon Duckett’s HTML and CSS is a better seller but I couldn’t get away from the thought that HTML and CSS has significantly improved from 2011 when it was last printed.
I recommend this book if you have a keen mind and aren’t an absolute beginner. An Absolute Beginner might need some more simplicity.

4 stars Excellent resource for someone new to coding
Really happy with this purchase, the book is really helpful. I am not a professional coder and I am new to coding. Very good book, author is intuitive in their choice of examples. Also you can download all the coding examples from the website mentioned in the book. This is really helpful in learning HTML

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