Office 2010 in easy steps


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Office 2010 in easy steps


By Michael Price

Publication: June 28, 2010
Pages: 240
ISBN: 978-1-84078-398-8


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About the book

Office 2010 in easy steps┬áconcentrates on the most useful and productive elements of Microsoft Office 2010. It majors on the applications included in the Home editions – Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and OneNote, and also addresses other Office applications such as Access and Publisher. It treats the applications from the viewpoint of the tasks you want to perform and the results you want to achieve. The topics covered include word processing, report writing, printing, calculations, financial statements, presentations, photo editing, slide shows, email, time management, database, files and folders, and finding help.

It addresses the essential functions that you’ll use to carry out your tasks. These are described in easy to follow steps that focus on the job in hand, without burying you in the details of computer related aspects. Aimed at both new and experienced users,┬áOffice 2010 in easy steps┬áprovides an ideal introduction to the features of Office 2010 with its innovative Ribbon interface.


About the author

Michael Price is an accomplished author, IT journalist and systems consultant with a wide experience of computing systems ranging from mainframes to personal computers. He’s also a successful author with several best-selling┬áIn Easy Steps┬ábooks to his credit.



  1. Introducing Office 2010
  2. Create Word Documents
  3. Complex Documents
  4. Calculations
  5. Manage Data
  6. Presentation
  7. Office Extra
  8. Email
  9. Time Management
  10. Manage Files
  11. Up to Date and Secure
  12. Where Next?



M Powell, reader review from on Office 2010 in easy steps

“I now give tuition in these programs to beginners and I have recommended this book to all of them – in fact, that is why I have bought so many copies…”




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