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November 21, 2021

Do you know how to use the App Switcher on your iPad to easily switch between apps, or to close them?

Here’s how…

The App Switcher feature in iPadOS 15 performs a number of shortcuts and useful tasks:

  • It shows open apps and enables you to move between these and access them by tapping once on the required item.
  • It enables apps to be closed.

The App Switcher window can be accessed from any screen on your iPad, as follows:

1) Double-click on the Home button,
2) Swipe up from the bottom of any screen. This should be a long swipe, up to the middle of the screen at least. A short swipe will bring up the Dock at the bottom of the screen, rather than the App Switcher.

3) Tap on an app in the App Switcher to make it the active one.

4) Press and hold on an app and swipe it to the top of the screen to close it. This does not remove it from the iPad and it can be opened again in the usual way.

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