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February 4, 2022

Locking and unlocking screen rotation on an Android phone

By default, the content on a phone’s screen rotates as you rotate the device. This means that the content can be viewed in portrait or landscape mode, depending on what is being used – e.g. for websites it may be preferable to have it in landscape mode, while for reading it may be better in portrait mode:

It is also possible to lock the screen so that it does not rotate when you move it. This can be useful if you are using it for a specific task and do not want to be distracted by the screen rotating if you move your hand slightly. To lock and unlock the screen rotation:

1) Drag down from the top of the screen to access Quick Settings

2) Tap on the Auto rotate button to enable screen rotation

3) Tap on the Auto rotate button again to lock the screen so that the screen will not rotate with the phone

(The Auto rotate button is sometimes called Screen rotation on other Android models.)


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